HEY EVERYONE!! I have missed you so much!! I know, I have been gone for a very long time but I had the worlds biggest writers block and no direction. But since we have last talked, I have decided where to take my blog. I wanted to write about teens but had no idea what to write about. But then I was in the car with my mom arguing about the STUPIDEST THING and I realized I never have reason fir anything that I do, but when I do have a reason its usual “Mom! Im a teenage girl!” And its true!! Us girls don’t have much reason for some of the really crazy things we do. Why we like a certain guy, why we need a certain brand, why we love clothes, why we see ourselves the way we do. From this point on, I will be covering typical problems of the average 16-18 year old girl. And hopeful someday to the 21 year olds and adults, but I’m only 17 so.. but anyway, comment here with silly things you do or did as a teen or questions you have about life or boys. My boy consultant will help those of you with boyfriends and I am here for all you single laddies.

Until Next Time



This is the Stuff… GRR!

Today, was the epitome of my bad days. Except for the fact that I brought it on my self. First of all…well lets start with the fact that this morning I was afraid I was going to missed the bus because I had to get myself out of bed and I DID NOT want to. We all have those mornings when the alarm goes off again and again and again and we just keep hitting the snooze. That was my morning. So finally I get out of bed at 6:25, which is early for me, woken up by my brother who was sent to make sure I was awake. Scared me half to death but got me out of bed. Then, I get ready and realize I have a lot more time then I thought, so my body says, how about I go suuuuuper sloowwwly. Yep so my brains working a mile an hour so i feel sick to my stomach with all the slow motion and I get my self worked up. Little did I know I cant find my inhaler, and have to ge to school with out it. So I am on my way to the bus saying my morning prayers, like usual and I pray that the bus is on time. Wouldn’t you know it, the bus comes early and I am at the TOP of the hill! But luckily I prayed that if I were to have to run to the bus I wouldn’t have to use my inhaler, for sake of not having it with me. I get to the bus and start walking, feeling kind of yucky, and I loose my shoe and then I realize I have to go to the bathroom. And I forgot my keys. Yay. This song comes to me quiet often. Days like today put me in a really bad mood and make me feel like that song describes. It gets deep under my skin. So moral of the story is that this song is a strength and an inspiration to me and I hope that it can be to you, too, to keep holding tight!

XOXO, meggles

Operation Beach Bummed

Yes when I say beach I mean beach. This time I plan to come back with a jar of dirt from  my native soils. I believe the world could thrive if they had faith, sunlight and sand. But on the other hand if the whole world were a tropical paradise, we wouldn’t have tropical paradises to escape to. What would we fantasize about then. Love is like that. If we all have love then love, being the norm, would never become our escape. The world may have hat, and =too much of it, but if you don’t have hate and hard times then you wouldn’t have love to save you, to take away those problems, to be unique and special, and I see this. It makes that and all the other things clear. so the moral of the story is ponder this and help others ponder this as well as many other things that mix life and curiosity. 

BEE the Change You Wish to See in the Word

Ghandi once said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” I try to live by this quote. This and one other. I have taken up the memory verse “Bless those who persecute you. Bless not curse.” (Romans 12:14) Now these two have coincided recently. I was looking at my finger today and it turns out I have coincidentally been stung by a bee. The change I wish to see here is the death of said be underneath my flip flop, yes, I know, bad me. But I also must keep in mind my memory verse. So the persacuter in this instance would obviously be the bee and I must bless the bee as much as I want to curse him for providing pain to my finger! But no, I must be calm. Calm, cool, collected. So moral of the story, things may not always go as planned but you must stay strong and live on.


XOXO,  Meggles 


SPRING! Into Action

Spring it’s finally here. Its time to buy new bathing suits, prepare for summer, break out the tanning lotion and go on vacation. But for some of us its time to decide. A time to break broken bonds, a time to choose a summer job or destination. Maybe its time to choose you fall school options. I have a friend who needs to decide whether she is right for public school, private school or home schooling on a whole new continent. I being only a sophomore need to decide when to get my permit and what jobs to apply for. But some of us, seniors, are deciding in what state they are going to receive a higher education , at what school they will receive it, and what they want to study. If your one of those lucky seniors, just remember what you love to do. If you are doing what you love for a living then you really are content in life. This is the summer of change for some of us and in a short month and a half we may be saying goodbye for a very long time, so make the best of the last of it and soak in the wonderful weather (unless your in Chicago I am told). Have a happy spring every body and let the flowers bloom where they may.


XOXO Meggles

What goes up, must come down…and then spiral back up so quickly you almost miss it

Mood, when you are in a bad mood, your like a ticking time bomb. You could go off at anytime, any place, and for anything. I mean its weird, people are like “my goodness” but they should understand because they’ve had those moments, too. Its sad, but good moods and bad moods are pretty similar. When your in a good mood its not long before, well, blink and you miss it, a friend comes by and ruins it. My moods are always changing. Like one minute I am in the mood for ice cream….in the winter. And next I want something like….pizza. Or I’m just plain not hungry. (yes I just compared my moods to my appetite) But its similar to that. I am spontaneous, and then not so daring, and then all together sulky. Words are like daggers. Don’t let them get to you, its hard, I know, but its harder to carry baggage you don’t need. So, moral of the story is  that, life might be rough and the road bumpy but mood is a rollercoaster we all have to ride so throw your hands up and yell “WEEEE!”

XOXO, meggles

3.14159265 something…

HAPPY PIE DAY. I just want to say Happy Birthday to my little sister who turned 11 on the 12th and my older sister who will be like 20 something on the 18th. I am sorta glad she doesn’t read this she would KILL MEEE!!! I love my family but you know what I don’t love, pi. No, I dont mean the blueberry, cherry, apple kind, I love that  kind! I mean the number that makes this day so “SPECIAL”. Some of the math classes today got to bring in like circular food and party but no, my math teacher assigns homework. RIIIIIGHT cause that is sooooo fare. Today I have decided to boycott pi, the number not the food. I could go for some peanut butter pie right now, Mommy if your reading this?? I love you! So anyway I know the day is almost over but do it with me anytime some one says happy pi day say whats so happy about it. I mean who celebrates math! Not me! So don’t take circumference,  don’t use the pi button’ and after reading this DON’T EVEN SAY PI IF YOUR TALKING ABOUT THE NUMBER! this is a day long PI boycott and this is not well planned. Moral of the story PI BOYCOTT!!!


XOXO meggles